Research so far…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I figured that perhaps I’ll say a little something about how my research is coming along.

Things that I’m asked about most often are:

1. toothbrush/paste/floss

2. tampons

3. toilet paper (comes wrapped in plastic)

4. shampoo

5. deodorant

6. makeup

As you can see, the questions are quite often about toiletries! So, let’s dig in.

1. Toothbrush/paste/floss: I’m going to buy (online) a wooden toothbrush with natural bristles. I haven’t seen them in stores but they’re fairly inexpensive online. You can buy dental floss in cardboard containers, so I’ll go that route there and as for toothpaste, well… I don’t know yet. Using pure baking soda is one option, but the research I’ve done says it’s too abrasive on your teeth. I’ve also heard about using bar soap and have looked into that. It actually seems like a really good option! That said, do I really want to wash my mouth with soap twice a day?! More thinking to be done there.

2. Tampons/pads: There’s a company called Natracare that makes plastic-free tampons and pads, including the wrapping. I’ve considered using cloth pads but I imagine they’re fairly thick and I’m not sure how I feel about that… I own a Diva Cup, which I *love*, but I have an IUD and you can’t use a Diva Cup with an IUD. (And no way in hell can you convince me to give up up my IUD!!)

3. Toilet paper: I luckily have a HUGE thing of toilet paper in my storage unit. I bought it on sale months ago and still haven’t cracked into it. I imagine this will last me a while (months) and then I’ll have to consider new options. I’ve heard of using cloths instead, but I really don’t want to go there!

4. Shampoo: There’s the whole “no poo” thing, but it’s just not my thing. There are also a number of recipes for homemade shampoo (ie: blend one lemon and one cucumber together and store it in a jar in the fridge). I think I’m going to go the route of the bulk bar shampoo from Lush.

5. Deodorant: I currently use a deodorant that I love that comes in a glass container, but has a plastic lid. I think I’ll switch to Lush’s bulk bar that has no packaging. I’ve heard good things.

6. Makeup: Well, I rarely wear makeup but have a LOT of it, so I think I’ll just keep using the stuff I’ve got until I run out and cross that bridge when I get to it. The only thing I always wear is a bit of blush because otherwise I feel really washed out and I have a recipe for a cream blush that I can make myself.

So that’s that! I’ve recently bought some new plastic-free kitchen utensils (spatula, measuring spoons/cups, etc) and in December I’m going to buy a hemp shower curtain (the only fabric curtain that can be used without a plastic liner). I also need to buy some stainless steel food containers, a glass jug, glass straws, parchment paper… I think that’s it! That’s not too much really, so I’m almost ready!



About Stephanie

I'm a Vancouverite, a free-spirited yogi, an accidental vegan, a tree-hugger, a teacher, an athlete, an artist, a soul rebel and a very, very lucky girl.
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4 Responses to Research so far…

  1. Ginger says:

    Lush products have paraben in them. Eww. I use a natural essential oil shampoo bar from a company called Naked.

  2. jen says:

    If you get your TP at a janitorial supply store, you can buy a big box with no plastic at all. i think washing your mouth with soap sounds terrible! We have been using 4 parts baking soda, 1 part salt, peppermint, and glycerin – my dentist approved it, but said you might want to add fluoride if you’re prone to getting new cavities. Woudl love to know where you’re buying your toothbrushes from!

    • The tooth soap is actually flavoured so it’s not as gross as it sounds! The problem with the toothpaste you’ve been making is that it has glycerin in it. Glycerin coats your teeth and prevents enamel from… re-enameling? But I assume that if I removed the glycerin, it would work just as well! As for the wooden toothbrushes, they come from Life Without Plastic. They’re just over $7 Cdn. Oh and which janitorial supply store do you use?? I’ve got a huge pack of toilet paper that I haven’t even opened yet so I should be good for at least six months, though.

  3. AliB says:

    Ok…so I’ve been reading your posts…trying to get inspired (which I think is working)…and didn’t want to comment on every post but I couldn’t resist this. I subscribe to Eco tools, the people who make beautiful eco friendly make up brushes and they posts the best thing recently. – These people make make up with the packaging made of corn! OMG so cool. This is what Eco Tools posted on Facebook: “Canadian makeup brand Cargo created lipstick packed in tubes made of corn and sold in boxes that contain real plant seeds. Instead of throwing the box away, you soak it in water, and plant it!”
    Hope this helps and love reading about your challenge. I’m hoping to get re-motivated. 🙂

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