Portable utensil wrap thingy.

I’m feeling creative! Last spring, my mom gave me a whole bag of fabric scraps. They’ve been sitting under my desk since then, basically collecting dust, while I’ve tried to decide what to do with them.

My friend Taina (of Plastic Manners) recently showed  me this portable utensil wrap thingy that a friend of hers made for her. It has four pockets for: fork/spoon/knife, a reusable straw, a (small) cloth napkin and reusable chopsticks. Then you roll it up and there’s a tie to keep it all together.

I decided to copy the idea and this weekend I set about to make one for myself using the fabric scraps. Despite having to create it totally by memory and without a rotary blade, cutting board or proper fabric ruler, I think it turned out really well! I wish I could post a photo of it but my camera is totally dead and I lost the battery charger (meaning no photos until I get either a new camera or a new charger).  😦

Hopefully I can borrow a camera this week and I’ll post photos! Also, I want to create a page with directions on how to make different things (toothpaste, deodorant, portable utensil wrap thingies, etc) so I’ll put the directions there (hopefully along with photos) in case anyone is interested in making one.

I love this feeling of motivation!


About Stephanie

I'm a Vancouverite, a free-spirited yogi, an accidental vegan, a tree-hugger, a teacher, an athlete, an artist, a soul rebel and a very, very lucky girl.
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