I have 500 new pets!

On Saturday, my friend Kim and I went to City Farmer of Vancouver has recently started a composting program with houses, but apartment buildings aren’t included in the pick-up as apartments have contracts with private rubbish removal companies. In order to encourage people to compost, the city has been offering very inexpensive (complete) worm composting kits to people who live in apartments. For just $25, I got the bin, bedding (mixture of hay and shredded newspaper), 500 worms (this number of worms normally costs $33!), a book on worm composting and one of those gardening fork thingies.

I wish I had a camera so I could’ve taken photos to post! Nevertheless, I put the kit together in less than five minutes and have it all set up in my apartment. I’d like to keep it on the balcony, but it’s *so* cold out right now that I’m afraid the wormies will freeze! These little worms are pretty high maintenance! You can’t leave them “unfed” for more than two weeks, they need to be warm, have plenty of water (but not too much) and they like their food cut up in small pieces. Man! I may as well have gotten a dog!

In Vancouver, there are bylaws that say you can’t put loose garbage into a bin; it has to be enclosed in something. Unfortunately, that means plastic bags. I’m eliminating my plastics so hopefully that will reduce my garbage (therefore less need for bags), but food is a big issue still. The compost bin should really help with this! I can’t put in cooked veggies, fish, dairy (which I can’t eat anyway) or grains/grain products, but paper, raw fruit/veggies, etc, are okay. But this means that most of my food isn’t able to be composted!

Any suggestions on what to do with the rest of my food?


About Stephanie

I'm a Vancouverite, a free-spirited yogi, an accidental vegan, a tree-hugger, a teacher, an athlete, an artist, a soul rebel and a very, very lucky girl.
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2 Responses to I have 500 new pets!

  1. carmel maher says:

    I used to blend up all my scraps into a slurry that I would pour into little holes all around my garden and yard. By the way, what kind of worms did you get?

  2. carmel maher says:

    The research I’ve been doing says that it’s ok to feed your worms anything not too acidic, greasy or meaty. They are alo suggesting that you can blend your food into slurries (including (not too greasy) breads, cooked grains, cooked leftovers and small amounts of meat (which they apparently adore in a slurry) and then you can freeze it to store it for later feedings.
    * DO’s
    o Fruit & vegetable scraps
    o Banana peels
    o Grains & cereals, pasta
    o Tea bags & leaves
    o Cooked eggs & shells
    o Coffee grounds & filters
    o Onions & potatoes
    o Pancakes
    o Banana bread, cake
    o Leaves
    o Plant cuttings

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