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New Year’s Eve…

By this time tomorrow I will officially be on Day One of my plastic-free year! Today I went out and bought a bunch of plastic-less stuff for my home. I got new drinking glasses (my old ones are mostly broken), … Continue reading

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Back to basics.

So far, every thought or question about the upcoming year seems to be about what I won’t be able to do or have. But what about the things that will be possible, the things a convenience-based society hasn’t allowed me? … Continue reading

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A wooden toothbrush is the best toothbrush!

I finally got my wooden toothbrush in the mail yesterday. I’ve used it twice and so far I can say that without a doubt, I will not be going back to using a plastic toothbrush. I’ve also heard about toothbrushes … Continue reading

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I think I’m ready.

It’s December 18, which means I have exactly two weeks until January 1, 2011 – the first day of my challenge. I have to admit that up until now, it hasn’t really felt real. Even today, it doesn’t feel 100% … Continue reading

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Food, food, marvelous food!

I hate cooking. It’s true. I hate it. I do know how to cook and when I do cook it tastes okay… I just don’t like doing it. (I think that “lazy” is the word of the day in my … Continue reading

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Just a few wee updates.

I have sad news to announce. It appears that my new pets have all died. Yes, after only three weeks in my home, I have killed all 500 of my wormies. 😦  My guess is that there wasn’t enough coarse … Continue reading

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T-18 days (and what-to-do-when…).

Today I was at Timmy with a friend, who ordered hot chocolate… and it came double cupped (!!). I made a comment about it to my friend. Well! I was, honestly, a bit surprised at her response! Maybe I just … Continue reading

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