T-18 days (and what-to-do-when…).

Today I was at Timmy with a friend, who ordered hot chocolate… and it came double cupped (!!). I made a comment about it to my friend.

Well! I was, honestly, a bit surprised at her response! Maybe I just hang out with too many environmentally-“open” people, but she rolled her eyes and scoffed! She didn’t want to hear any of it and laughed and cut me off!

This is the first time I’ve encountered this response to my plans to go plastic-free. I was a bit taken aback and had no idea how to reply! I tried to comment on the albatross of Midway Island to make my point, but again was cut off. (In a laughing, joking sort-of way, so I wasn’t insulted, just… surprised!)

Any tips on what to do if (and, more likely, when) this happens again? I just stepped down off my soap box because I didn’t want to get preachy and put her off. (Again, though, we *are* friends so I know how far I can push with her.)

She wasn’t mad or anything, but should I just zip my lips when I meet this type of “closed-mindedness” (for lack of a better term)? Or should I push a bit? Or..? Like I’ve said before, I generally tend to keep quiet about my feelings on the topic, but need to start pushing my boundaries a bit this year, I think.

Tips, advice, stories, experiences, suggestions, etc?


About Stephanie

I'm a Vancouverite, a free-spirited yogi, an accidental vegan, a tree-hugger, a teacher, an athlete, an artist, a soul rebel and a very, very lucky girl.
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5 Responses to T-18 days (and what-to-do-when…).

  1. Julie Bo says:

    I see no point in alienating people. It’s like those religious people who try to “save” you. Honestly, lead by example. Some will follow, some wont — but those that don’t wouldn’t have anyhow.

  2. I spend most of my life around people like this (being a scientist and all, I think sometimes scientists can be the most dogmatic judgemental people you will ever meet). I get this response often to my belifes and way of life.
    How I deal with it really depends on the person and circumstances. I almost never go for the jugular (ie: soapbox) as I find this never acomplishes what I want (to make connections with people around things that matter to me). Usually I only do this if someone has been really rude to me and pissed me off.
    Most often I will try and turn it around on someone. I ask them questions about their belifes around the issue until I can find something we have in common. Then I usually play on this and pull out a “fact” about what a belief we are discussing. This “fact” is usually something that informs my own opinion on the matter. This starts a dialouge with the person about how they will fit this new fact into their world view. If they continue to dismiss me I usually just stop talking about it (they obviously are perfectly fine with their world view and really don’t want to examine it all). Normally, however, this dialouge leads to a very interesting conversation. They may not change anything in their life, but you have probably planted a seed, made them a tiny bit more aware. Or you could be that person that blows it all open for them (we’ve all had conversations like this, right?)
    Anyway, I hope that helps 🙂 A final note, spending time with people who are like-minded also makes encountering unsupportive people much easier on your heart (though you probably know this already!!).

    • Ooo, awesome tips, Brie! Thank you! I’m trying to be more patient and let people “see the light,” but then I keep thinking in my head, “why the heck can’t they see how wrong they are?!” Haha! Okay, of course I’m joking (sort-of!) but I suppose that patience and zipped lips are the keys to this game!

  3. George Elvin says:

    I’ve encountered the same attitudes here in the Midwest, and it’s not a pleasant feeling. But I agree we’re not going to educate people who are that entrenched in their thinking, so it’s best to let our actions do the talking. In the end, I’m sure you’re having a positive impact on the people around you despite the occasional resistance.

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