I’m still alive!

I haven’t written in a while because (A) I’ve been insanely busy with work and (B) I have nothing new or interesting to say!

But, I’m still going on the plastic-free challenge. It’s been two months now and I had to ease up on the plastic restrictions in regards to the food I buy. Of course, I’m still trying to find anything I can plastic-free, but I have to consider my health first.

That said… I have to admit that I haven’t been as excited about the challenge over the past couple of weeks. For some reason, I’ve found myself not really caring if I buy short-term plastics or not and actually the other day I bought a hot chocolate on the way to work, complete with paper cup and plastic lid. Granted, this is the only time I’ve given in… but I don’t know… for some reason I’m just not into it as strongly as I was before.

I’m hoping this is just a by-product of the insanity going on at work over the past month, but I guess we’ll see soon…


About Stephanie

I'm a Vancouverite, a free-spirited yogi, an accidental vegan, a tree-hugger, a teacher, an athlete, an artist, a soul rebel and a very, very lucky girl.
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