Long time, no type.

Has it seriously been this long since I’ve written anything on here? In the past two years, I’ve gotten married, moved house, gone through more education, new job, become a bonus mama (or step-mama as others call us)… So time seems to have swept past me somehow.

But I have also fallen off the wagon. I still try to live as plastic-free as I can, but my husband… well, he’s another story. I now make my own deodorant, toothpaste (and tooth powder), sunscreen (loving my current recipe). I buy all of my herbs at a bulk herb store and also buy things like oils, spices, etc, at another bulk store. I have stopped purchasing any type of make-up. My plastic purchases tend to come in the form of supplements and medications that can’t otherwise be made as well as a very few food products. (Being celiac and vegan means that most of our food is made from scratch, but I admit that the bread I’ve found that works well for me comes in plastic. I’m trying to see how to change that.)

We were making our own almond milk for a while until it frankly got to be too expensive and my husband started buying it. He likes frozen fruit (which comes in plastic). We both like our treats (sugar for him, salt for me), which means he buys treats like popsicles or chocolate bars… and then I want a treat and decide I need that bag of chips. It is so easy to forget the big picture when someone else is tempting you.

Living on a strict budget means we can’t necessarily afford the paper-wrapped toilet paper (as opposed to the 24-pack from Costco) or all the farmer’s market produce that we want.

But, my husband has come a long way and I in turn have made some new discoveries. He loves my homemade sunscreen, elderberry juice and sore muscle balm. (He does not, however, love or use my homemade toothpaste.) He absolutely loves the bulk bar soap we found at the farmer’s market and the Red Marvel bathroom cleaner we get at the plastic-free store. He uses a glass straw (when I remind him) and loves his glass and metal containers.

So now it’s my turn to get back on the wagon. I do so well in some areas and so poorly these days in others. Every week when I do our recycling, I feel like I’m failing in a lot of areas. I know I’m making more strides and cutting out more plastic (especially in terms of health stuff) but also feel like I’m slipping in other areas.

If anyone is still reading this, what are some things you do to stay in the straight and narrow?


About Stephanie

I'm a Vancouverite, a free-spirited yogi, an accidental vegan, a tree-hugger, a teacher, an athlete, an artist, a soul rebel and a very, very lucky girl.
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3 Responses to Long time, no type.

  1. carmel m maher says:

    Hi Sweetie. I’m still here and trying to fight the good fight too. You are still my #1 role model and I have tons of respect for the incredible lengths you go to to change our planet one plastic container at a time. In the last year I have morphed into a fully fledged atheist and it’s made me look at life in a more intense way. I refuse to emotionally beat myself up anymore when I fall off the “green” band wagon. Since I will come this way only once I am taking more and more time to stop whatever I’m doing and just smell the roses. I enjoy feel of raindrops and the incredible beauty all around me.both in nature in the nature of the people I meet. I have new eyes. Live every moment of your life Steph. Back to earth now. I’ve made this bread recipe twice and I think it’s great. Sounds like it should be sweet but it’s not. I switched the coconut oil out for olive (1/2 and 1/2) because of the coconut aroma of the bread.Love it but not for a tomato sandwich. Also found the almond butter too expensive so used peanut butter the last time and it turned out lovely. . http://paleogrubs.com/sandwich-bread-recipe Happy Saturday to you!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi Carmel! Thanks for your words – they definitely give me a boost! I agree with smelling the roses. I need to take more time to do that. I love being in nature and I know every time I spend time in the woods it gives me another reason and reminder to keep on the plastic-free path.

    That recipe looks great! I’ll give it a try. The only thing is the eggs… I’m vegan so I wonder how it’ll taste if I have to replace five eggs? I’ll give it a shot anyway! (BTW – Have you tried avocado oil? Look into it. It’s the only thing we cook with now and it’s way better than olive!)

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