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New products for me!

I just got home from spending the weekend in Victoria with my folks. My immediate and extended family had dinner plans for my brother’s (early) birthday last night and I decided a few days ago to go over for it. … Continue reading

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A wooden toothbrush is the best toothbrush!

I finally got my wooden toothbrush in the mail yesterday. I’ve used it twice and so far I can say that without a doubt, I will not be going back to using a plastic toothbrush. I’ve also heard about toothbrushes … Continue reading

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Homemade soy milk and a glass straw to drink it with.

My GlassDharma glass straw came in the mail today! I absolutely *love* it!! I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. They come with a life-time guarantee, so if it breaks, you can get a new one for free! I … Continue reading

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The most annoying thing in the world? (Aside from loud chewers, that is.) Plastic straws! They’re everywhere! I always tell waiters I don’t want a straw, but it seems that so often one appears anyway. A big problem for me … Continue reading

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