Soy Milk

Making your own soy milk is easy, fast and cheap! I wish I’d started doing this years ago.

Things You Need:

-one cup of soy beans (the dried kind from the bulk aisle is fine)



-sugar, vanilla or almond extract, chocolate or cocoa powder, etc (optional)

-a blender


-jar/jug/other container


-Place your soy beans into a bowl. Cover with water and leave to soak for 8-10 hours.

-Pour the beans into a blender. Add about 3.5 cups (one litre) of water. Blend away!

-Pour the mixture through a piece of cheese cloth or a fine sieve (which is what I used) into your pot. You may choose to do this a few times, but if your sieve or cloth are fine enough, once should be all you need.

-Boil your milk uncovered for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Once it comes to a rolling boil, be sure to turn the heat down or it’ll boil over! (It creates a lot of foam, which I found out the hard way!) As soon as the milk starts to boil, add about 1/2 tsp salt; this will get rid of that bitter nutty taste. This is also the time to add any “extras”, such as sugar (1-2 Tbsp), vanilla (I added 2 Tbsp, but this was too much), chocolate powder, etc.

-After ten minutes, remove the milk from the heat. Let it cool completely before jarring it and putting it in the fridge. It’ll last for about three days! YUM!


-If you want, you can crack and hull your beans prior to soaking. I tried this and it took way too long, so I stopped. Supposedly the blending process is easier later on, but I had no troubles despite not hulling the beans.

-Place that creamy leftover mixture into a jar. You can use this to make bread, yoghurt or a number of other things!

-I had to add more water to the milk when it was boiling because I tend to like my milk fairly watery. (Along the lines of skim milk.) You may need to alter this depending on how thick you like your milk.


2 Responses to Soy Milk

  1. Julie says:

    COOOOOOL! I’m definitely giving this a go! I’ve never been one to drink milk – I just can’t stand the consistancy. I’m the only person in my house to use Soy milk, and since I only use small amounts (in coffee and tea, in cereal once in a while), I end up wasting a lot. Thanks so much for this!

    Way to go Plastic Free Girl!!!

    • I’m so glad you can use the recipe, Julie! It definitely takes a bit of tweaking to get it the way you like it. Don’t forget to add the salt! I’m still working to make mine the way I like it, but I’m close! You can also make chocolate soy milk by adding cocoa, etc. (PS – You can make almond or rice milk the same way!)

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